Terms and Conditions

Your booking is accepted subject to the following terms and conditions:

COVID-19 & Face Masks
For your protection our chauffeurs wear face masks while you are in the vehicle and we strongly encourage you to do the same. We have complimentary single use masks and hand sanitiser available in all our vehicles. Please be aware that certain states mandate the use of face masks in public passenger vehicles by law and fines apply for non-compliance. At the time of writing this applies in both New South Wales (Sydney) and Victoria (Melbourne).

Price Estimates
Please be aware the price quoted is an estimate provided in good faith. It may change due to additional airport parking charges, tolls, waiting time and other extras (additional stops for example). Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Waiting Time – General Transfers
For all transfer bookings we allow five (5) minutes grace from the time of booking before charging waiting time retrospective to the original booking time.
Waiting Time – Airport Pickups
Domestic Airport: We allow twenty (20) minutes complimentary wait time from the time the flight lands.
International Airport: We allow sixty (60) minutes complimentary wait time from the time the flight lands. 

After Hours Fare Loading
A loading will apply to your base fare at the rates below if a booking begins or spills into the following time frames:
22:00 to 00:00 - 25%
00:01 to 04:00 - 50%
04:01 to 06:00 - 25%

Monthly Account Customers
Monthly account holders will receive an itemised invoice within the first seven days of a new month. Invoices must be paid within seven days from the date of issue. Customers who have provided us with credit card details will have their card charged for the full amount before the itemised account is sent through.

Overdue Accounts
Accounts more than 30 days overdue will attract interest charged at the General Interest Charge Rates published by the Australian Taxation Office. The rate charged will be based on the rate at the time the invoice was issued.

Credit Card Payments
An additional surcharge is applied to all credit card payments to cover credit company merchant fees. Our cost price, GST inclusive surcharges are:
Visa / Mastercard:  2.60%
Diners Club:                2.93%
American Express:  3.30%

Cancellation & Amendment Policy
We require the following notice periods to cancel or amend a booking without penalty:
General transfers & airport collections:  2 hours.
As directed bookings:                                         24 hours.
Country bookings (more than 100kms): 36 hours.
Weddings:                                                                  96 hours.
Cancellations within these times will be charged at the full rate. In addition, all cancellations and amendments must be made during normal office hours (8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 5pm on weekends and public holidays). Cancellations and amendments made outside of office hours for bookings occurring the following day can (on a case by case basis) attract full cancellation fees or waiting time charges.

Your Vehicle Choice
We always endeavour to send you the exact vehicle type that you have booked. Occasionally due to circumstances beyond our control we may need to substitute your booked vehicle type for another of the same capacity and we reserve the right to do this. However, we will always inform you at the first possible opportunity and if we are supplying a lower cost vehicle to the one booked, you will of course be charged at the lower rate.

No Show Policy
For all pickups we aim to have your chauffeur and vehicle waiting for you in the safest, most obvious and convenient spot. However, we are often picking up in busy and sometimes confusing locations with multiple exit points. We ask that if you can't locate your chauffeur please call the office on 1300723258 (+61289991363 for international callers) and we will put you in touch. Failure to do this will result in the full fare being levied.

Child Restraints
By NSW law, all children aged between 0 to 7 years must travel in either a capsule, baby or booster seat. Laws do vary from state to state, however it is our company policy to only carry children and infants in the correct restraint. You must inform us at the time of booking if any passengers fall into this age group and we will send an appropriate vehicle with the appropriate restraints fitted. There is a single fee of $22 (including GST) to cover the trip to and from the base to collect your restraints. You are welcome to provide your own at no charge.

We are committed to protecting your personal information. Exclusive Chauffeur Drive will not provide a third party with any of your personal information unless it directly relates to the provision of the service that you have engaged us to provide, nor will it trade or sell any information to other organisations. Your personal information will always be treated as confidential by Exclusive Chauffeur Drive.

Exclusions of Liability
Exclusive Chauffeur Drive will take all reasonable steps to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable trip. We do not take responsibility for events that are beyond our control and accept no liability for passengers missing their flights, meetings or events. If a passenger is under the influence of alcohol or drugs or believed to be physically or mentally incapable of travelling, they will not be permitted to travel in Exclusive Chauffeur Drive's vehicles and Exclusive Chauffeur Drive is not liable for costs incurred by a passenger as a result of them being denied travel in our fleet. Baggage, including any carry-on baggage and all personal items are the sole responsibility of the passenger. Exclusive Chauffeur Drive will not be held liable or accept any responsibility in the event of theft or damage to passenger baggage.

Last update – 10/02/2021